Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back From Up North

4:08 p.m. July 31, 2012
So I didn’t get around to blogging yesterday after we got back at around three thirty.  I hope that that’s okay with you.  I have four days to catch you up on so what I plan on doing is releasing a big blog post tonight or tomorrow that includes my weekend.  I’ll just post what happened today. 

I woke up late at eight thirty but I was okay with that because I was fairly exhausted from the weekend.   However, I forgot about the afternoon nap until my alarm went off.  I went to bed at three and could not fall asleep.  I guess I just rested my eyes.  This might make it more difficult to stay awake tonight; we’ll see.  I really want to get running again so I might make an effort tomorrow morning.  This would help keep me on track I think.  I’m getting pretty tired of not keeping to the schedule I set up and I don’t want to call this entire experiment a fail.  I realize there have been some legitimate reasons but it’s still frustrating.  I’ll post the big one later so stay tuned.

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