Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just A Quickie

9:02 a.m.
Before I'm gone for most of the day I just wanted to throw a quick update on the blog.  I hadn't intended on doing this but I thought that these two things were important enough to share.  Last night after posting the summary, I was able to stay up until 1:00 without any tiredness.  This was exciting and it made me wonder if there was something to the transition period after all.

The view out my bedroom window every morning
The second thing that happened after I got out of bed and went for my run was that I was tired.  From about 5:00 a.m. to 7:30 I was completely fine but after that and up until a few moments ago I was extremely close to falling asleep.

These two things have gone against most of what has happened before and everything in my summary yesterday.  The blog post yesterday still should be taken at full value since it was an accurate summary up until that point.  These are just very notable occurrences.

Stay tuned because later today (5:30 between 10:00), I will be posting my tips on how to successfully transition from a monophasic cycle to a polyphasic one.  In that post I'll also be telling what's going to be happening with my cycle, the blog and other stuff that is secret right now.  So stay tuned!

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