Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Late Afternoon Nap

6:02 p.m.
I had another late nap this afternoon as I said I would yesterday.  I started it at 3:30 and woke up an hour later.  Like yesterday I had a little more difficulty falling asleep but I did rest better than when I was on the couch a day ago.  We will have to see tonight if the later sleep period keeps me awake longer.  If it does then I will definitely make 3:00 or 3:30 my normal time.

I was able to get a full morning of work in and was fairly lazy this afternoon.  I remember my older brother saying how some of the editors at his university news paper get six hours of sleep a night.  When I heard this I was at first discouraged because they were functioning with only an hour more than I am.  I then thought about their caffeine and coffee consumption.  I don’t drink any coffee and have very little in the way of caffeine.  This sleep cycle is also healthier I believe so my mind was put at ease.

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