Monday, June 25, 2012

Preview for Things to Come

5:42 p.m.
Tonight’s the night.  I’m not too excited but I am a little hesitant.  I only had three exams this semester as I had a spare during one period.  My last exam was this morning, it was a geography course; resource management.  I’m starting the experiment so shortly after my school year because I’m afraid of putting it off too long as teenagers are prone to do.  I also don’t see the point in procrastinating when this can be started as early as possible.
At this point I have two main concerns.  The first is that my phone only allows me to set one alarm at a time.  That means that I will have to change the alarm twice daily.  Being forgetful doubled with the fact that I will be extremely tired I am worried that I might sleep through a rest period and destroy the trial up to that point.  I looked for cooking timers but we don’t have any in my house.  I will attempt to use my phone’s alarm.  I only see this as a threat for the first week because I hope that my body will become accustomed to the schedule and I will be able to fall asleep faster.
That leads into my second concern; falling asleep.  I’m naturally not able to go to sleep quickly, whether it’s due to too much natural sugar in the evening or I haven’t trained my body well enough I’m not sure.  Where it becomes real concerning is now that in southern Canada we are getting into the actual heat of summer this could create a discomfort that I won’t easily overcome and sleep.  I do not like heat and much prefer winter to summer.  If the heat continues (the forecast as of 5:48 p.m. is high 20’s and low 30’s for the rest of the week), I may not be able to fall asleep as fast as needed.  This is the lesser concern because I feel that since I’m going to be staying up until one o’clock, my body will be so exhausted it will fall asleep quickly, (my normal bedtime is 10:30). 
I’m strangely not concerned about how this experiment will effect my everyday schedule.  I won’t be doing much this summer, mostly yard and house work.  I will however be playing with my church’s band on Tuesday nights and performing on Sunday mornings.  Hopefully I will not be musically limited by the lack of rest I will be getting.
I also have a beautiful girlfriend that unfortunately lives half an hour away.  This could pose a problem if we are together for the entire day or at the very least it would create awkward or uncomfortable situations.  That reminds me though that I need to check with her to make sure we are on the same page with the sleep cycle.  I mentioned it to her previously but she may not have thought that I was going to take it seriously (I have many side projects with few completed).  She may be upset that I am starting now since her prom is on Thursday, three days from today.  I may be reporting back on this situation but if I don’t everything went smoothly.
Lastly, I should mention my habits and physical shape.  I am a six foot male that weighs 185 pounds who is a little concerned about the amount of fat I have put on recently.  I will be attending a gym hopefully six times a week to work out in preparation for football season.  I have an average diet, which is to say on the unhealthy side.  I have been trying to eat less meat and more veggies lately.  I think I should include what I am eating in this experiment.  Today I had nothing for breakfast (I usually do have breakfast), two hotdogs for lunch and I just had a sugar filled ice tea as I was writing this.  I have never taken drugs, I haven’t had alcohol in a year and I have taken a puff of a cigarette once.  I don’t plan on consuming any of those within the time frame of the experiment.  Now I’m a little excited.

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