Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another North American Holiday

6:27 p.m.
I apologize that this one is going up so late but it’s the first time I’ve had some time with the computer.  I was going to have a late afternoon rest period but I was tired around 1:30 so I went to sleep at 2:00.  I had a little difficulty falling asleep but I think it went well.  I was also tired in the morning around 9:00; I don’t know why.  I’ll see tomorrow if I’m still tired in the morning.

It's America's Independence Day

A big shout out goes to my American friends to the South.  It’s their Independence Day so I hope they enjoy their day of barbecues and fireworks. Up here in Canada it would be a perfect day for that so I hope the weather is good down there too.

Overall today has gone well.  I worked most of the morning away and am about to head out to the gym.  I’ll see if I can throw another post up late tonight with my finished art work attached.

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