Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Allyssa's Cycle - Day 2

9:05 am
I  made a big mistake this morning, I didn't wake up. My alarm went off at 5 and then I hit snooze and didn't get up, that happened until 6 and then I must have hit dismiss because I woke up at 7.
I learned two things:
1. My sleep walking has moved to alarm changing, and I need too fully awake myself every morning\
2. It solidified how much I love my sleep

these two things I kind of knew in the beginning but now need to be fixed in order for me to succeed.
I didn't say this before, but I am a champion sleeper, I can fall asleep anywhere and with speed and ease. Which is really great, expect when I am trying to stay awake.
I think I will not have my nap today, or have a 20 min one for refreshing because of the extra sleep I got this morning.
Mentally and physically I feel very normal.
Thats it for now!
Enjoy :)

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