Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Allyssa's Cycle - Change of Plans

5:40 pm
My summer goal is to build a platform/captain's bed in my room, and to do that my room needed to be emptied. Lucky for me my little sister cleaned it out for me (she is not a cheap worker) so that was pretty great! The reason I'm telling you this is I was busy organizing and my chores and missed my nap time (not that I was planning to have it anyways).  This shouldn't be a problem because I slept longer this morning, and I don't really feel tired.
My friend and I are going to the movies and I have to work tomorrow 11-4:30 which will be interesting to try to nap around. I wanted to start this cycle on a calm week and I thought this week was going to be that.
So you will see how this cycle works with a busy week ahead!

I will blog again in the morning (and will wake up on time!)
Until then :)

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