Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Allyssa's Cycle - The Sleepover

9:05 am

Last night my friend and I went to go see People Like Us (quick review: it was cute but not life changing, should have seen The Amazing Spiderman) and then went home and played some card games. Its tricky to be in this cycle with social activities, and I think it would be easier if there was more routine that summer doesn't bring.

I am not too focused on the whole physical mental side of this but more of a schedule side of this. I can handle the effects it has on my body but its much harder to do in social situations.
I work 11-4:30 so I will be missing my nap again today, or I will take it when i get home  we'll see if I can handle going without one 
Last night I slept the right amount of time and my dog needed to go outside and she kept me awake which was good.

I will blog about how my shift goes! I have a feeling it  there will be mistakes and forgetting to give people theirs fries or something.
Anyways, have a good day :)

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