Monday, July 9, 2012

Allyssa's Sleep Cycle - First Morning


I didn't end up going to bed until around 1:30 because my sister was watching her show and then Scrubs is just too good to not finish.
5:30 this morning wasn't that bad actually, I stayed in bed for a while and talked to Corbin but didn't fall back to sleep which was pretty great! Hitting snooze instead of shutting my alarm off was the best advice from Corbin on how to get up on time because really, who wants to get up at 5 in the morning?
Since i have a game tonight i decided to just go for a walk instead with my dog. This morning was so cool I should have bundled up more, but it also helped me wake up.
London the Labradoodle also referred to as: meathead, and snickers

so today I don't know when i will need the hour nap, i will just see how it all goes and blog afterwards
Enjoy the day :)

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