Tuesday, June 26, 2012

After My First Afternoon Rest Period

3:01 p.m.
The first mid day nap did not go well.  I went to bed ten minutes before two to give my body some time to prepare to sleep.  I think I had dozed off or was at least close to sleeping when the phone rang.  Five times.  My mom was phoning at twenty after two but I wasn’t able to get the phone on the fifth ring. She phoned again later at three because there has apparently been a mix up with the dates for prom.   
After the phone call at 2:20 I couldn’t fall asleep though I did rest.  I hope that this is enough to get me to one o’clock tonight.  We’ll see.
So far the adjustment has not been bad at all which is a good thing for me.  Talking to my girlfriend though she believes the third day will be the hardest.  This makes sense as the body will be getting increasingly tired with so little rest.  My perhaps unrealistic hope though is that I maintain this level of tiredness (I’m barely tired at all) throughout the entire adjustment period.
I’m not sure if I commented again but the headache, light headedness and stomach issues all went away by noon.  It’s going pretty well so far.

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