Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Evening of the First Night

9:13 p.m.
I’m reaching the evening of the first day of this experiment.  I’m surprised that my body has not been excessively tired.  When I first committed to this project I envisioned myself being close to unconscious for the first few days.  This level of unawareness could come later though but hopefully not.
I’m experiencing the first I’ve been a little drowsy since early this morning.  This could be because I had two slices of pizza for dinner and that would not give me any energy.  I know as of this far my eating habits have been atrocious.  My hope is that this tiredness will fade away once my body becomes used to the schedule.  Otherwise I will have to include a third rest period.  If I am forced to do this I will keep it as short as possible.  Probably thirty minutes and around eight o’clock p.m. 
Thankfully the mild body irritations I was experiencing this morning have not returned and that includes the shaky hands.  I will state confidently that the shakes were due to the cold I was experiencing.  Tomorrow I will wear thicker clothing in the morning and change into lighter wear once the heat kicks in. 
Everything so far is going well.  I just hope my body doesn’t react too badly in the next few days.

P.s. Prom is actually tomorrow night.  This won’t effect the experiment too much if at all.

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