Thursday, June 28, 2012

After Graduation, Before Bedtime

11:15 p.m.
And I’m back once again.  The graduation ceremony went well; the speeches were good, the auditorium was nice and the ceremony was polished.  I wasn't tired at all tonight except about five minutes during the ride home.  This is kind of expected though since I was driving in the dark. 
The city of Hamilton at night

Right now I am a tad tired but it’s barely noticable.  Hopefully this trend continues and my alertness at night increases so that I am able to get some side projects finished up.  I’m still not mentally ready to begin the other projects this late at night but I promise that tomorrow I will definitely give it a try.

As of now I feel a little worn out but that’s it.  I would kind of expect this anyway since I was around people all day and this drains my energy.  I did not think that this experiment would be so easy.

I am going to try to throw another post up tonight since it’s still relatively early for me. If not there will definitely be a post early tomorrow morning as there always is.

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