Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pre Graduation Ceremony

2:55 p.m.
Just a quick update before I head over to my girlfriends graduation ceremony.  I had my third afternoon nap today and I think my body is starting to get the idea.  I fell asleep fairly fast and I slept well for about forty minutes until my pastor came and did some rugby drills and worked on technique with my brother and his teammate.  I fell asleep again easily though and slept until my alarm went off.
I didn’t feel tired this morning at any point at all so that’s good to see.  I’m thinking that if I continue to be this awake throughout the day I will try cutting out the nap and sleep for four hours at night.  This would be in the middle of the summer and if everything goes well.
I am completely physically and mentally fine.  My only concern at this point is staying awake and alert at night.

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