Sunday, July 15, 2012

Allyssa's Cycle - Resignation

10:39 pm
To my disappointment I will not carry on the sleep cycle for the ten days or any time after that (for now). Here are my reasons:
1.     I have personally found it has no better effect on my tired levels than my normal 8 hour night sleep
2.     It hinders the amount I can do in the day (social wise, and waking up from the nap is difficult)
3.     My family goes to bed around 10, and work early in the morning so I have been accidentally waking them up all week.
4.     I am getting canker sores from being over tired

These reasons are all because of my personal experience, I encourage everyone to try the sleep cycle and contact Corbin about how it’s going, and maybe this blog could just be full of people’s experiences with the cycle? Just a thought

thank you for reading about my experience!
Corbin will be posting shortly about how the cycle is still working

Good luck :)

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