Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Back

As you can see by the previous post Allyssa can't continue the sleep cycle.  That's fine; it's not for everyone.  This means that I will be taking over the blog again after her brief stint.  I have only taken a few notes during this time frame so I will be posting a couple a day until the blog and I get on the same page.  At this time I will be doing daily or every other day posts.  I realize now that I had been blogging much too frequently.  So, here's the first post of my return;

7:34 a.m. July 9, 2012
A couple days ago I went without the afternoon sleep period and not entirely on purpose.  I would not recommend doing this for anyone out there wanting to try a new cycle.  I fell asleep before my bedtime and I was tired for much of the night.  You are able to do it but just once.  Any more than that and it becomes unhealthy.

I have had a dread of waking up.  Initially I thought that this was because I was getting up so early but now I think it’s because I knew that I had to go for a run.  So for a few days this week (including today), I won’t be going for runs.  This is just to see if that the anxiety will be gone once I don’t have to worry about running.

3:55 July 11, 2012
After having gone a few days without running in the morning I can definitely say that that the desire to not wake up in the morning was directly because of the runs.  Now I don’t really care if I wake up at 5:00 because I won’t have to be running.  This kind of sucks but it’s the truth.

Another thing that has happened is that I consistently sleep in now.  I will hit the snooze button half a dozen times and then I might doze off after my shower.  This of course is not done on purpose but it is still happening.

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