Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Late Morning

7:56 a.m.
I slept in again today.  If it weren’t for sleeping in I would have no problems with my experiment.  However, as it is, I’m sleeping in about half the time.  This is getting to be very frustrating since it would make the project pointless if I continue to do so.  I hope that simply hitting the snooze button no matter how awake I am will do the trick.  I haven’t once used it so far because I didn’t feel like had a need for it.  I’m thinking much differently at this point.

Last night went well, I stayed up right until 1:00 p.m. and I watched my first episode of Mad Men.  It’s very well done but I’d recommend watching it in order and not jumping in wherever your older brother is.  I was glad to have stayed up that late even though I almost dozed off a couple times and was drowsy.

My typical breakfast, delicious
So as this post shows you, I’m doing the sleep cycle but it’s the details that I’m getting ahold of.  I don’t have anything wrong with me mentally or physically and I’ll stop telling you that after this because I haven’t felt off since the first couple days.

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