Sunday, July 1, 2012

The End Of A Day, The Beginning Of Some Art

My work station, for now
12:31 a.m.
I’m not too tired although I fell the tiniest bit drowsy.  It’s so small that I even considered not sharing it but I did.  Because I care.  With this lack of tiredness that I have been experiencing I started another work of art.  I had meant to take a picture of it as I was priming the board but I forgot so below you can see my temporary work station (dining room table).  This work is about half done and so far I’ve spent half an hour on it.

Overall today has went well.  Church in the morning and my family went out for lunch and then I was fortunate enough to have a lazy afternoon and caught the CFL game between Calgary and Montreal.  I have felt pretty good today.

Tomorrow I think that I’ll start the real physically demanding work in the yard and outside so that will be interesting to see how my body reacts to running on little sleep while physically working a lot.  I hope I have some interesting results for once.

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