Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Post Prom Update

11:44 p.m.
That is the most tired I have been at any time for this experiment.  I had attended prom in Hamilton, Ontario and on my way home I could have easily fallen asleep within ten seconds at any given time.  I was so tired that it was a physical struggle to stay awake.  The transition from the car to being inside my home has waked me up a bit.

Earlier today I mentioned that this project was going too well and it was boring.  The struggle I believe will be at night.  Throughout the day it isn’t too challenging to stay awake because I’m doing things but at night it’s different.  I’m not up and about or working on anything.  Tonight I began to feel tired at about ten thirty.  This has been the case with the two previous nights as well.  I hope that being fully awake from ten thirty to one is something that I can achieve.

Me and my beautiful girlfriend before prom
Prom was fun.  The food was good and the people were social.  Being an introvert though, my energy was drained pretty fast and that could play a huge role in the amount of tiredness I experienced before. 

Up until ten thirty though I was completely alert and ready to go.  This will prove a big challenge to tonight.  I hope that I can stay up until one o’clock.

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